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Researcher & Science Communicator

Hello. I’m Jennifer Suliteanu,

a social psychology researcher and CAnD3 fellow.

Jennifer-Suliteanu 2.jpeg
People Walking


This ePortfolio is intended to showcase my experiences as a CAnD3 fellow. My goals for the fellowship, also listed on my goals page, are to learn more about how to effectively communicate science, gain insight into new perspectives, and bridge the gap between science and policy. The intended audience for this ePortfolio are possible research collaborators.

I decided to participate in the CAnD3 program to broaden my understanding of ideas relevant to my research that I would not have otherwise been exposed to. I also wanted to gather tools to help prepare me for my life as a researcher in the social sciences. Lastly, I wanted to gain insight into how research impacts policy.



Future Directions

As a CAnD3 fellow, I gained experience collaborating with researchers from different fields. I learned the value of communicating ideas in this context as we all had different background knowledge. One of the best things about this experience is realizing how powerful this type of collaboration is for generating research ideas.


I hope to work alongside some of my fellows in the future on collaborative projects. I would like to take an interdisciplinary approach to some of my future research endeavors.

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